Horoscope is a study since the ancient times where a chart showing the position of 7 planets and two reference points - Rahu and Ketu at the time of birth are made to calculate an individual's life events and predict their future. At Shivjyotish Anusandhan Kendra we learn about a native’s past, present, and future through this same chart. We make the assessment of planets, zodiac signs, and the nakshatra that is the birth star and their placement in different houses, both at the time of the birth as well as present and suggest better solutions related to the individual's life problems..

ARIES (मेष)

चू , चे , चो , ला , ली , लू , लो , अ

TAURUS (वृषभ)

इ, उ , ए , ओ , वा , वी , वू , वे , वो

GEMINI (मिथुन)

का, की, कु , के, को, घ , ड़ , छ , हा

CANCER (कर्क)

ही, हू , हे , हो, डा,डी , डू , डे , डो

LEO (सिंह)

मा , मी, म़ू , में, मो, टा , टी, टू , टे

VIRGO (कन्या)

टो , पा , पी, पू , पे, पो, ष , ण , ठ

LIBRA (तुला)

रा , री, रू, रे, रो, ता, ती , तू , ते

SCORPIO (वृश्चिक)

तो, ना, नी, नू, ने, नो, या यी, यू


ये, यो , भा , भी , भू, भे, फा , ढा , ध


भो, जा, जी , खा, खी, खू , खो, गा, गी


गू , गे, गो , दा, सा , सी , सू , से, सो

PISCES (मीन)

दी, दू , दे, दो, चा, ची, थ, झ, त्र

Who is Pawan Goel “Raya Sahab”?

Pawan Goel "Raya Sahab" is a celebrity and one of India's Best Astrologer today. He has an experience of more than 3 decades in Astrology & is practicing this noble field with great dedication and passion. As of 23rd Dec 2017 as many as 3189 people from India as well as outside India as consulted him for his Astrology consultation. He has been the prime choice for Bollywood celebrities, Politicians, Bureaucrats and Businessman. Anyone can consult him for their own horoscope reading as he provides solutions to various problems like; Match Making, Manglik Dosh, Horoscope Reading & Single Horoscope Reading, Marriage Problem, Health Problem, Childless Problem, Financial Problems, Business Problems etc.

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