Health Astrology By Date of Birth

What are Health Problems?

If you get stuck with Heart Disease, Cancer, Paralysis, Liver dysfunction, Tumor, Asthma and various others health related diseases it is very difficult to get rid of them and above all these diseases swallow your precious time, hard earned money and if not taken care it may also take our loved ones away, which is way too hard and leaves a very deep impact on our lives. These diseases can be caused by any accident, violence, unfitness, poor physical condition, illness, disease or other medical problems.

What is the impact of Health Problems on a family?

The impact of a patient’s illness may cause a disturbing effect on the whole family. The family won’t tell as they are your loved ones but at one point of time it becomes very difficult to manage. Family members can be affected in multiple ways. Due to a husband’s illness the wife has to take great care of him or if she is a working woman she has to leave her job which also increases the pressure to pay the medical bills as well. If there is a senior person who is on bed for quite a long time it is also very difficult as one person has to stay home 24X7 to look after them. This disturbs the routine and the income flow in the family has deteriorated.

How to get rid of Health Problems through Astrology?

As the illnesses increases, it is very important to understand the astrological aspects to add some protection and precaution to it. According to Vedic Astrology, your past Karmas are very much responsible for your present situation and your future can also be disturbed if you don’t take proper care and measures in resolving the issue. One's main planet being weak can also makes one susceptible to illness by reducing one's immunity. For Example: A negative Rahu / Moon / Shani / Ketu / Venus can cause an individual to do things like; Drinking Alcohol, Eat wrong kinds of food etc., which can eventually lead to illness or diseases. There are many Astrological remedies through which one can get rid of the health problems which can be found by Mantra, Yantra, Yagya, Specially suggested Gemstones or Puja.


Proven stones which are recommended according to an individual Kundali or Planet positioning to strengthen the weak planet and give power, positivity and effectiveness.


It is one of the most ancient and essential devotional practice through fire where a purohit / pandit offers some amount of puja materials into the fire. The puja materials are a symbol of our considerations and feelings and yagya as remedy is also suggested by our Shri Paan Goel “Raya Sahab”.

Who is Pawan Goel “Raya Sahab”?

Pawan Goel "Raya Sahab" is a celebrity and one of India's Best Astrologer today. He has an experience of more than 3 decades in Astrology & is practicing this noble field with great dedication and passion. As of 23rd Dec 2017 as many as 3189 people from India as well as outside India as consulted him for his Astrology consultation. He has been the prime choice for Bollywood celebrities, Politicians, Bureaucrats and Businessman. Anyone can consult him for their own horoscope reading as he provides solutions to various problems like; Match Making, Manglik Dosh, Horoscope Reading & Single Horoscope Reading, Marriage Problem, Health Problem, Childless Problem, Financial Problems, Business Problems etc.

Why Shiv Jyotish Anusandhan Kendra?

Astrology is a huge subject & requires very good logic, good analytical power & knowledge of varied subjects. Because of our Celebrity Astrologer Shri. Pawan Goel “Raya Sahab” and his vast experience & knowledge of varied subjects, he has all the qualities which helps him while predicting future of people.

He applies his logic, analytical power & knowledge of varied subjects while giving his astrology predictions. His huge client base includes people from different age groups & people from different backgrounds. Youngsters find it easy to communicate with him regarding their problems. Testimonials given by many clients speak more about him. He is one of the Best astrologers in India.

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What Client Says

There are people like Guru Pawan Goel Ji who are carrying the holy tradition of the Vedic Astrology with sheer dedication and satisfying results I am a regular Bhakt of Guruji and consult to him for any of my problems. I thank him very much for the success of my career and for the well-being of my family.

Pawan Sharma

The effective suggestions given by Raya Sahab have helped me in my business. Thank you Guruji. I recommend him to everyone seeking genuine astrology consultation.

Ramesh Mathur

His powerful predictions have helped me in my career choices and jobs. I really thank him for all the help, support, spiritual guidance and showing me the right way.

Neeraj Chauhan

It has been 3 years since I am consulting with Guruji and the results are phenomenal. I have been on the right way to success thanks to his suggestions and recommendations.


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The astrology center Shiv jyotish anusandhan kendra is really professional and has a good team of staff to help you around. Raya Sahab has been like an angel in my life guiding me in my worst times.

Rohit Kumar

I regularly go to Pawan Ji for consultations for me & for my family.He is having God given knowledge on astrological predictions. Every statement of him is correct & he is having special respected place in my family.

Pratap Mahapatra

So many people walk in your life with a purpose to change it. Thank you Shiv Jyotish Anusandhan kendra for changing my life.

Prachi Arora

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