In which Metal Are these Birthstones mounted?

A precious metal alloy compression-spring gemstone mounting is made by casting or working a quantity of alloy to form the gemstone mounting, annealing, and heat-treating the mounting to increase its yield strength. It contains 5 metals which includes Gold, silver, copper, kdm and brass. These metals can be worn by anyone without any negative effects.

What is the quality of stone?

According to the price, the quality is really good and will stand high if compared with others. Every Birthstone here has a good.

Why these rings and pendents priced so less?

At Shiv Jyotish Anusadhan Kendra, we always wanted to offer the genuine birthstone and at the price that fits in every pocket. To further reduce the product cost, we purchase all birthstone directly from the manufactures and then they are mounted by our expert in-house production team.

Are these Birthstone genuine?

Every Birthstone comes with a lab tested certificate to prove its originality. You can also get then tested at any other gem testing lab.

Will it fit on my finger?

These rings are made by considering all facts of customer’s demand, suitability and comfort. These are made in our production house by our expertise staff. As these are adjustable rings so can be worn by anyone.

In how much time can I will recieve it?

For your convenience we provide door to door service and in best possible time. Delivery time is 24-48 working hours from the date of order.

What are the Mode of payments?

You do not required a credit card to pay, you can pay Cash at the time of delivery

Do you offer other qualities and custom Birthstone Rings & Pendents?

Yes, we have a wide range and variety of each Birthstone, you can call on our helpline numbers above and visit our showroom and can select any birthstone of your choice.

Do you provide personal astrological consultancy?

Yes, however a pre-appointment is required to confirm the time and availability. you can call on the numbers above for booking your appointments. Consultancy over the phone shall not be entertained. We suggest you to carry your birth details or kundli along.

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