Zodiac Signs Who Are Most To Least Understanding In A Relationship- Check Yours!

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November 30, 2018
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Not everyone can handle relationships. It’s true! Being in a relationship is easy, however, maintaining it is a tough task. In this modern era, where everything is a bit crazy, it’s safe to say that there’s even more work one has to do in order to keep his/her relationship strong.

Speaking of handling relationships. Are you the one who fear to make plans and going out with your partner? Do they speak down to you or make you feel extremely bad about yourself? Or do they lack in the most basic yet vital element of a relationship which is ‘Understanding’? When it comes to relationships and the zodiac signs, they vary dramatically from very understanding to not understanding at all in a relationship.

Here we put the zodiac signs in order, both men and women, who are the most to least understanding particularly in a relationship. You won’t be shocked that the warm and empathetic signs are higher on the list (Yes, we are talking about you Pisces and Scorpio), while the unpredictable signs aren’t so high up there (Confused, Leo?).


A Pisces is the most sympathetic in a relationship for various reasons. Let’s start from the very basic, they always try their level best to understand their partner. They will support you no matter what. And on the bright side, the romance they bring to the relationship will always make their partner feel secure. So, if your partner is a Pisces, don’t ever lose them.


A Scorpio is a feisty and passionate person. Scorpio women especially are very deep and emotional. They have so much inside them and sometimes lose control over them. In a relationship, they can be very jealous and possessive, however, it’s simply because they love their partner too much and have a fear of losing them. When it comes to the supporting front, they support their partner in every step of the life and are fully committed to them.


Sagittarius are amazingly courageous and very charismatic. They love being in a social setting. In a relationship, A Sagittarius can be sensitive with his significant other because they are a good friend to all that they know and foundation of a bond is what help relationship in the first place. On top of that, their carefree and social side will make you out of your shell, too!


One of the best quality Aquarius have is that they are loyal. However, most of the times, they make their thoughts come in between their relationship. Because they are a big-time over-thinker, they worry about things that don’t even exist. But on the bright side, they care about people they love and hence they are not only sympathetic but empathetic in a relationship.


“Patient and down to earth”! They have a lot going for them when it comes to helping their partner in a sympathetic, kind, and understanding way. Their lack of adventure and creativity actually makes room for their ability to be more compassionate when you are having a problem. They like a daily cycle, constant security, and nothing upsetting those two things. Therefore, a faithful relationship where they have to be loyal and supportive is exactly what makes them best for a relationship.


A Gemini is a great friend that makes you feel comfortable, has an ease in a social setting and loves to be around new people. But, they do have those constants in her life that they committed themselves to no matter what. When it comes to being in a relationship, a Gemini is that charismatic best friend cum lover, you need in life. The problem is that they tend to get too caught up in the charming social side of things and can get a bit inquisitive. They can be easily distracted by other people’s business and may have trouble at times supporting you out.


Peaceful, social, and protective, these three things describe a Libra. They love to be social however does not need to be. They love to be supportive and sensitive to your problems; but, they don’t always pull through. They are very in tune with his sentiments, no matter which way they go. Here in lies the problem. They could be very much in tune with you and your relationship one day. Then, another day, he could be feeling negative and sarcastic. In short, they are extremely moody and unpredictable.


Words that describe Virgo best are Practical & Sensible. They are social and are a complete people’s person. An interesting thing about them is that they are a daydreamer and most of the times don’t realize that they’re sitting with people. The problem with Virgos is that they are a bit judgmental of those around them. In a relationship, they will be just the same, so they really have a hard time being sympathetic.


Smart, sensible, and practical, that’s how they are. They are practical with everything they do, says, and thinks. Their powerful nature is intimidating but also commendable. In a relationship, a Taurus will often disagree with her significant other. This is because they have strong opinions and will have a tough time understanding anyone else’s opinions.  This is why it is hard for them to understand their partner.


Aries by nature are very bold and independent. They are one of the three fire signs so it is a total understatement that they are passionate in their personality. Socially, Aries have a hard time making friends as they can be a bit blunt with their opinions. Their friends will choose to be kind and deal with them. After all this, you can imagine that in a relationship, they have a terribly hard time being sympathetic. They’ll try because they care about you, however, ultimately it won’t come to success.


Cancers are very emotional and sensitive similar to their Scorpio and Pisces. Cancer can be strangely greedy and manipulative within their strong emotion, too. You’ll attract to them at first because of their sensitive nature, their ability to connect with you. It’ll be a great phase, however, when the going gets tough– it will be really difficult to get some understanding with each other. They can’t be understanding your emotions because they are too worried about their own feelings.


Leos are incredibly bold in so many ways. Socially, they don’t care what people think about them, therefore they will be a true leader that people are either intimidated by or that people look up to. In a relationship, their temper is out of control many times and it makes your relationship hard to handle at times. And anger causes ego and it’s the entire world knows ego destroys the relationship. So, if your partner is a Leo, then so sorry!!

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