“You Reap What You Sow”- Understanding The Law Of Karma

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November 15, 2018
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Ancient astrology taught that celestial bodies and the stars have an impact on the events happening on earth at both obvious and complex levels. Sir Isaac Newton too was of the belief that every bit in the universe affects every other bit.

The horoscope or birth chart is a basic plan of the heavens based on one’s time, date and place of birth. It’s a chart of 12 houses, the 12 zodiac signs and the planets of our solar system. These houses, signs, and planets describe universal energies. Every birth is divine and the exact moment of the birth defines how these universal energies will interplay with one another in forming of a person’s personality and future.

The birth chart can be called the “The draft of a person’s karma and exposes the past, present and also the future. Karna is just the universal law “You reap, what you sow“. In Vedic astrology, it is a basic knowledge that a life experience returned rounds of births and deaths.

The principles of Karma which is based on the action is the main theory used to justify why a special person experience specific events in this particular life and that may not be what they had desired for. Every action, be it good or bad won’t go trash or unaccounted for. Such stories will be cleared in the future births if it won’t be able to get completed in this world itself.

Therefore, your horoscope is a dominant knowledge system, which can be practised to find out the circumstances in this life. Depend on what has been done in previous lives, you get a special type of horoscope.

The horoscope will restrict you to a large degree, however, understanding about it mixed with some extra efforts will enable you to win the difficulties.

Your quality of life recognized as HEAVEN, by doing the good actions.
Your quality of life filled with earing recognized as HELL, by doing the bad deeds.

According to the Christian faith, there is endless condemnation in hell if you have performed some kind of sin in your existing or previous life in which case, you literally have no choice to come out of it. Furthermore, as per more Christian belief, this life of yours is the first and the very last and depend on this short life od say 10 years, you are doomed and you will have to be in the hell or heaven for endlessly on what has accomplished n this one life.

However, according to Vedic astrological belief, every time your soul leaves the body, it is doomed inside 48 days and then goes on to take different birth. This cycle will proceed till the time you get of going after settlements and materialistic success.

You then start reviewing the purpose of your life and ask a master or a Yogi to get to know more. This will direct you to the end of the repeated cycles of life and death, which is known as Salvation.

“Those who seek deliverance from decay and death by clinging to Me know Brahman (the absolute), the all-inclusiveness of Adhyatma (the soul as a repository of Spirit), and all secrets of Karma.- Bhagavad Gita 7:29”

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