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September 21, 2018
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Vastu Shastra plays a very important role in our lives at every single step. Whether it is work or home we require Vastu to get success and prosperity in our lives. It is also known as the science of architecture consisting of designs, layouts and space arrangement. People following Vastu at home and work are found to be happier and satisfied with their lives.

Let’s have a look at some of the Vaastu tips that one should be following at work as well as at home in order to get professional success and reach heights.

  • The Main door should always be in the positive direction, a door in the negative direction can hamper your career growth.
  • Never turn your back against the main entrance of the house, this might prove to be a problem in your growth.
  • Never have the toilet in the North direction of the house, this can also be a hindrance behind your growth.
  • Always sleep with your head facing the East direction, It helps in boosting career opportunities.
  • Never sit cross-legged anytime.
  • Never sit below the beam at your workplace as it has a negative impact leading to unnecessary stress and workload.
  • Place some flowers on the eastern side of your workplace. Some plants in the South-East corner also enhance your financial status.
  • Ensure a good lighting in your working area in order to bring in more positivity as working in a dark place depicts negativity.
  • Keeping some open space in your office and or workplace signifies the incoming of new ideas and concepts. We should always keep some vacant.
  • For a better fortune, lighting a lamp in the South-East corner is recommended.
  • Any leakages or seepage should be immediately fixed as it is a signal of financial loss in the near future.
  • Always prefer a furniture made of wood and the one which is a square or rectangular shape. Avoid the use any kind of broken furniture, get it if you have any, as early as possible.
  • Try to face your work desk towards north or east as it brings you more opportunities to grow and increases the chances of financial gains in the near future.
  • A glass table top is known to be good for the workplaces located in the West direction.
  • A wall backing signifies a strength or a force backing you up strongly, therefore it is recommended to have a wall backing behind your desk. A picture of a mountain also glorifies power, so it is recommended to have such wall paintings on the wall behind your desk.

It time to revamp your workplace and home if you are not following these tips. These small steps are the stepping stones to help you boost your career and reach new heights. For more Vastu tips and other career astrology related queries visit us at

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