The Significance Of Keeping Vratas (Fasting) in Hinduism

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Kinds of Vrat

Vrata, well known as Vrat or Vratam, is a method of severity seen as a holy rite. Individuals see Vrat as a sacred votive rite and are often connected with astrological parts and festivals. It covers religious ritual such as fasting, prayers or charity and stringent regulations in speech, meals, beverages, and behavior. The term Vrata is a Sanskrit derivation which involves a vow, resolution or worship. Most of the times, a Vrat would be followed as a rite for the achievement of a wish or a desire. One could keep Vrat if he or she wants to fulfill something in their lives or their’s dear one’s life. Stren fasting or rules in food and drinks is necessary in keeping a Vrat. It will be normally followed by prayers and poojas as well.

Vrat- As a personal belief

Vrat is a self-implied limitation on meals and beverages. It’s a private thing which doesn’t need the involvement of a pandit or someone else and is normally followed by prayers, charity, and meditation. Although there are many cultural, spiritual and astrological factors supporting the practice of Vratas, it completely remains as a private choice. The reasons driving the custom of Vrata are many One may keep it for enabling their mind, increasing confidence, the accomplishment of a desire or as an act of expiration. The wishes would be normally connected to some loved one’s life such as quick healing from a long illness, better health, success, happiness, fertility, prevention of negativities or defeating difficulties. Few Vratas can be a consequence of a voluntary vow taken in the setting of religious or spiritual practices. Also, few Vratas can be necessary for the people who choose to perform a particular religion or spiritual tradition.

Importance of Vratas

Each Vratas have some repressed scientific importance and profound meanings. It discussed on astrologically importance occasions are supposed to produce positive energy variations. A person who follows practices regular Vratas can develop the mind and the body to experience the contradictory or bad incidents. It is prescribed to enable the body and mind to adjust to the changes. For those following Vrat for the goodness of their beloved, it provides them with a reason of comfort. They would feel that they have done something genuine for the loved ones and God will take care of their loved ones for the severity they followed.

Ritual of Vratas is a form of encouraging the mid to overcome the impulses and attractions and adjusting the body to survive in minutes. As per Hinduism, each living being has three weaknesses- Mal (evil intentions), Vikshep (whims) and Avaran (negative covering). Keeping regular Vratas means that they eliminate these weaknesses.

Urge for infidelity, restricted food, and drinks, steaking are few examples of destructive intentions. Although with regular fasting, one would control and ultimately overcome these thoughts. Performing Vratas with the purpose of surrendering once intelligence to the God can prevent the impulse and once the impulses leave and self-control is attained, the bad covering will be excreted.

In today’s world. individuals forms and perceive Vatas as per their ease and comfort. One should find time to read the writings fro Bhagwat Geeta to earn some knowledge of Vedic Astrology in Delhi NCR and to know the importance of these practices.

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