Planning For A Baby? Keep These Three Things In Mind To Conceive Normally (Vastu)

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Becoming a parent is the most joyous feeling ever! The tiny creature makes a family complete, gives a sense of responsibility to the parents and brings immeasurable happiness. At times, some women aren’t able to conceive normally due to n number of reasons, which of course is disheartening or there can be complications in pregnancy. These can be following reasons due to which pregnancy spells out trouble instead of happiness.

  • Premature birth of a baby
  • The woman is unable to conceive
  • Miscarriage, one after another

Childbirth-related problems can be fixed, and a woman can conceive normally if she consults with the best astrologer in Delhi and addresses the problems regarding pregnancy. Their remedies can help them to conceive normally.

These are the three things involving Vastu Shastra that one should keep in mind while planning a baby.

This is to be kept in mind that every corner of our house is ruled by one of the elements:

  • North – East is ruled by water
  • South- East is ruled by fire
  • South – West is ruled by earth
  • North- West is ruled by air
  • Space rules the center of the room

1. Directional guidelines:

Couples planning their progeny can use a North-west (Vayuvya) room (primary element Air) until the onset of pregnancy.  The mother-to-be can then move into a North-east (Easanya) room as is explained later. All classical works have clearly spelt out the place of the primary element Agni or Fire as the South-east of a Mandala.  It is precisely for this reason that this author does not advise a pregnant lady to live in this sector (or room). It is a known medical fact that heat has a great implication in pregnancy. Anything that raises the lady’s core body temperature can amplify congenital anomalies, mostly during the first three months, when all main organs of the fetus are forming.

2. Thermal heat:

Research on the impressions of thermal and non-thermal electromagnetic fields has indicated detailed 50 percent miscarriages in pregnant ladies who slept in electrically heated waterbeds. thermal heat is, in this manner, another factor that influences pregnancy. At the point when the Eastern part of the earth is warmed, it is the  Western part that stays cold. Subsequently, warm power created by the Sun goes over the outside of the earth from East to West. Along these lines, pregnant women can abstain from laying down with their heads toward the east.

3. Ultraviolet rays:

The pregnant woman can sleep in a north-east room. Vastu alludes toward the North-east as Easanya or Devamoola, consequently demonstrating it is a significant profoundly raised zone. The Sun’s beams can be part into 7 plus 2 colors. We talk about the Paramasayika mandala for home (manushyalaya). This arrangement separates each side into 9 sections. Starting from an ultra-violet beam in the initial segment on the Eastern side comparing to North-east, the Sun’s helpful beams additionally split into violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red and infra-red in the last part linking toward the South-east. Ultra-violet and the cold shades of the spectrum are said to have a soothing effect on the body and consequently, the North-east room is prescribed for a mother-to-be.

Shiv Jyotish has a prolified knowledge of vedic astrology and is the best astrologer in Delhi NCR. people who are suffering from childbirth-related problems can address their issues to him.

Also, the above mentioned are some tactics to achieve pregnancy through the remedies of Vastu Shastra. Following them might bless you with the bright parenthood experience.

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