How Weak Moon Affects The Emotions?

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December 28, 2018
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January 10, 2019

Moon is the symbol of mind, sentiments, homeland and women in general. If you wish to know the situation of your mind and thought process, then you need to see the position of the Miin, It grows and decreases and out mind also is very adjustable and running. Moon is the owner of the watery sign of Cancer and Moon is also a watery planet. It governs the 4t house in the native zodiac wheel. This 4th house symbolizes family, mother and all the matters symbolized by the Moon.

The moon is enfeebled in different water sign Scorpio. When the moon is in this sign, then that implies it is dealing with tough subjects which the moon usually do not like to be in. It prefers to be in a protected and friendly domain like mother, family comfort and home. In Scorpio, it is located over difficult matters like sex, crisis, investments, taxes, insurances, businesses and loans. Here Moon will be displaced, and it may lose all its joy.

When your moon is low, then you will normally have conflicts even with being happy. You may have to take an extra step even to fulfil the smallest of matter in your life. Also, relationship with elderly female figures can be complex. More specifically with your mother, you can have a very unstable connection, unlike other signs. Your mother can be helpful, however, she may leave a contradictory impression on you. You will have to do a lot of efforts in order to keep your mind peaceful and calm. Unlike the rest of the planets, the Sun, as well as the Moon, never move in a declining mode.

According to many Vedic astrologers, Moon is not with the hatred with any planet, however, mercury, venus, and Saturn view the moon as their opponent. Therefore, when the moon is in the connection with any of these planets, it can become complex. Moon doesn’t like to be with dark planets Rahu and Ketu as well. Rahu and Ketu are highly addictive powers. Therefore, when they are with such a delicate plane-lie moon they will activate it in an extraordinary way. The combination may show a peaceless mind Rahu is an attraction Ketu is indifference. Therefore, when the moon conjunct the Rqahu, your mind soul will always be energetic. You can utilize this energy in a fruitful or negative way and that entirely depends on your free will.

Moon may feel pressure in holding their signs as well. Everyone will go through heartfelt struggles despite the position of the Moon. Such problems are not limited to those whose Moon is in a confused mode. When the Moon is in a connection with the Jupiter, it generates a Gaja Kesari Yoga, but it also has another side. This position can give a mother who is so over-protective and insecure about her child. Such mothers also can create emotional struggles for children. So, when the Moon is in a complex mode, then you should understand that you are highly sensitive and please don’t engage in any activity which can add more emotional burdens. A healthy diet is also important to have a good mind and mental health.

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