How to Ward Off the Evil Eye (Buri Nazar Nivarak Sujhav)

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December 5, 2018
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An evil eye is an extremely popular phenomenon assumed by almost every religion. And, as it sounds, it’s not a thing if happened to a person. It is very well known that if someone has an impulse or a sense of envy and hatred towards you, then you may get those negative vibes. These vibes in most cases are too heavy and they can, in reality, affect the life of the person badly.

Planets which are more likely to get affected by an Evil Eye

Rahu and Ketu: Rahu commands over obscure science. They also control over paranormal actions. Therefore, they may too symbolize bad eye in many unification.

Saturn: This planet too symbolizes evil eye if it is meeting in Lagna and Ketu and Rahu and Mars too have an impact on that lagna.

Moon- Individuals with the weak moon have bigger chances to be influenced y the evil eye as Moon rules over your sentiments and emotions. Rahu’s control over Moon may influence an individual with the bad eye.

Most familiar signs of Evil Eye

Financial loss- Not getting a job, major collapse in business, recurring financial troubles or getting cheated.
Mental problems: Continuous stress & anxiety or depression.
Trouble in Education-  Failing in exams, in spite of doing hard work.
Physical problems: Obsession, returned ailments, chronic skin conditions
Difficulties in marital and family life: Not getting married, marital disharmony, impotence, early birth, the birth of a psychologically or materially disabled child, kids dying at a tender age.

If these issues are perceived for a long period, then it can be examined as evil eye symptoms and remedies should be taken immediately.


After throwing it, come back accurate to your house without looking back. People hang Nazar battu in the front main door of the house which is the major entrance for the members. Some also hang them in the balcony.

Chanting Hanuman Chalisa and Gayatri mantra saves one from the bad eye as well as from any evil power. Women and small children wear kajal to keep themselves safe from the evil eye. You can take a piece of alum, rotate it over the head of the person affected by the evil eye for 7 times anticlockwise.

The remedy is extremely effective when done on Tuesday or Saturday. After throwing it, come back exactly to your home without looking back. People hang Nazar battu in the front main door of the house which is the big entrance for the members. Some people hang them in the balcony.

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