Don’t Let Your Marriage Suffer: Make Married Life Happier with Astrological Remedies

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July 23, 2019
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In India, marriage is not only a union of two individuals but also their families. It is a beautiful journey that encapsulates love, companionship, sex, and parenthood. However, a lot of couples face major turbulence in their lives. The reason for this turmoil includes consistent misunderstandings and egotistical behavior, or temperamental issues. As a reason for the consistent turmoil, people opt for separation or taking a divorce. Considering how common the sufferings in marriage life has become, it is crucial to know the best methods to make a marriage fulfilling.

You can get in touch with our renowned marriage astrologer in Delhi, who will be able to help you in bringing back the necessary spark of love and romance in your life. If you have a belief in astrology, then you must understand the importance of marriage problems astrology and its effect.

When you are seeking any marriage problem solution astrology, the first and foremost thing that you need to focus on is getting in touch with a genuine and authentic astrologer, who knows about real astrology and doesn’t expect money from you. The astrologer will work on the astrological effects on your life and try to manipulate the positions of the planet to work positively for you. Our nationally trusted astrologer, Shri Pawan Goyal Raya Sahab, dedicates his life to improve the happiness factor in your life and relationships. Here are some of the best remedies that he will suggest to do, to improve the happiness factor in your life:

(1) Planting a Tulsi plant in your Home

In astrology, the Tulsi plant holds great value and helps in improving peace and happiness in your life to a significant extent. With the help of this plant, you can be ensured about the happiness and bonding between you and your husband or wife will grow stronger.


(2) Watering the Tulsi Plant with Water Mixed with Kumkum and Turmeric Powder

Although there are no scientific reasons that prove this combination, there’s a myth in India that pouring water mixed with Kumkum and turmeric powder helps in bringing peace and happiness in married life.


(3) Placing a flute made up of Wood or Silver near the Tulsi Plant

It’s believed that if a male person in the home places a flute that is made up of wood or silver near the Tulsi plant or on the plant itself, it brings a lot of happiness within the family, keeping away all the fights and turmoil that happens within the house.


(4) Inscribe your Husband or Wife’s name in a Bhurja Leaf and store it inside a Silver Box.

This helps in enhancing the sweetness and bond between the two of you to a certain extent, as explained by the astrologers.


(5) Conduct Manglik Dosh Pooja Regularly

As explained by our renowned astrologer, most of the problems occur within the house if the wife or the husband is Manglik. What you need to do is a pooja every week to get rid of the causes and impacts it causes within your marriage. By doing this, you can avoid conflicts, troubles, etc. that are the main causes of breakups in the marriage.

These are some of the best tips and tricks that our seasoned astrologer suggests to any happily married couple who can make sure that their marriage lasts until lifelong if they follow all the above-mentioned things diligently. You can get in touch with him for appropriate knowledge and expertise to deal with your issues and get an effective solution for the same.


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